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"Providing mastectomy patients with the Necessities Bag free of charge"

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Our Mission
To support mastectomy patients with the Necessities Bag which gives information and supplies to aid recovery, and also provides a resource for surgeons and nurses to improve communication with patients about the challenges of major surgery.

The Necessities Bag™ is a reusable tote filled with bandages and essentials for wound care, hygiene and personal comfort. The Necessities Woman to Woman Guide to Prepare for Mastectomy© offers practical information for women as well as their concerned caregivers to navigate pre-surgical turmoil and anticipate the challenges of homecoming.

Necessities Bags are lovingly assembled by volunteers.

Necessities Bags are distributed only by medical professionals.

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Necessities Bag Wisconsin

Offering women scheduled for a mastectomy;
    Practical guidance
    Essential supplies

Offering surgeons and nurses;
    A resource to enhance communication with patients

Offering caregivers;
    Information to help their loved ones deal with pre-surgical
    turmoil and the challenges of homecoming

How does the Necessities Bag help?
In the days leading up to surgery, women are apprehensive and vulnerable. Simple tasks cause anxious moments. If they knew the right questions to ask, they would feel more in control.

Surgeons and nurses understand how important it is to help their patients manage emotional distress and practical difficulties associated with recovery from major surgery. The information and supplies offered in the Necessities Bag prompts conversation, questions and answers.

The Necessities Bag was created by a woman whose own surgical experience gave her new perspective on how she should have prepared for her personal needs in the hospital and afterward at home.


Cutting Edge Health Team

Connecticut Necessities Page

Necessities Bags are made available to mastectomy patients free of charge and
funded by individuals, foundations, corporations, and businesses.
Necessities Bag Wisconsin is a 50lc(3) charitable organization. Donations are tax deductible.